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Pam Stuart For Sammamish City Council

Creating a sustainable future includes both environmental sustainability and financial sustainability. Join me as I run for re-election to get this important work across the finish line.


1. Anyone stating we have a deficit either lacks any understanding of the laws and our finances or is purposely misleading you. Learn More about this and the budget facts here.

2. Elections should be about debating priorities and policies – not mudslinging, lies, and deception. I am disappointed that we need to address an attack mailer sent out. This constant flow of misinformation and lies is a waste of energy and for me, an insult on the intelligence of our residents. Please know that all of the information about my voting record and advocacy in this attack flyer is NOT TRUE. As a community, we should demand better from our candidates and those funding such attacks.


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Pam has served you on the City Council since 2018 and represents Sammamish on regional committees, including the Eastside Fire & Rescue and King County Cities Climate Collaboration.


Pam has contributed to our community for over twenty years: Cub Scouts, Boys & Girls Club, Chief Umpire on Eastlake Little League Board, martial arts instructor, Eastlake HS Drama Booster, and Sustainability Ambassadors.


With a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland with a concentration in economics combined with nearly 30 years of experience at Accenture and Microsoft, Pam has a proven track record of building consensus and delivering results.


Our job on the City Council is to keep Sammamish a special place to live. My commitment to you is to work hard, ensure transparency and accountability in everything I do, never forget that it's your money, listen and get results for every resident of our beautiful city. Click on each button to learn more about my priorities.

Combatting Climate Change

Washington has seen earlier snowmelt, rising temperatures, and drier, smoke-filled summers, which are all direct effects of climate change. The number of large fires in the western United States has also doubled between 1984 and 2015. By embracing renewable energy, sustainable practices, and innovative technologies, we can shift the course of our future. Research shows that, in the US, households making more than $178,000 were responsible for 40% of the nation’s human-caused, planet-heating pollution. Recognizing this underscores the potential for Sammamish to contribute to emission reduction.

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Bob Ferguson

WA Attorney General

Sarah Perry.jpeg

Sarah Perry

King County Councilmember

Dow Constantine.jpg

Dow Constantine

King County Executive


Amy Lam

Sammamish Deputy Mayor


Karen Howe

Sammamish Councilmember


Rituja Indapure

Sammamish Councilmember


Roisin O'Farrell

Sammamish Councilmember

Bill Ramos.jpeg

Bill Ramos

State Representative, 5th LD

Lisa Callan.jpg

Lisa Callan

State Representative, 5th LD


Tana Senn

State Representative, 41st LD


Lisa Wellman

State Senator, 41st LD

Manka Dhingra.jpeg

Manka Dhingra

Sate Senator, 45th LD

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