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Pam will always prioritize transparency; responding to all inquiries that any resident may have. Community engagement is key to understanding what residents want.

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Combatting Climate Change

As responsible stewards of our planet, we hold the power to shape a future that safeguards our environment and ensures a sustainable legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Implement a comprehensive climate action plan for our city in collaboration with regional partners.

Preserve and enhance local green spaces, parks, and natural habitats to support biodiversity and tree canopy.

Create policies to drive and promote the transition to renewable energy sources,

Rebuilding Trust & Transparency

I promise to foster a culture of openness and collaboration while putting policies and procedures in place to reduce the risks of corruption, fraud, and abuse of power.

Increase access to our government via live events, online access, and communications.

Publish all rules and procedures on the city’s website with change logs to show what, when, and who made changes.

Formalize an ethics review process for complaints against city officials.

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Long-Term Fiscal Viability

Sammamish's financial stability relies on diversifying income sources, practicing efficient budget management, and keeping the community engaged in cost-effective decision-making.

Explore ways to retain local sales tax revenue to bolster funding for essential services while maintaining efficiency.

Enhance budget accuracy, aligning forecasts with actuals, and identifying cost-saving opportunities.

Prioritize work plan items to key results, ensuring a high return on investment for the community.

Public Safety

My commitment to public safety remains unwavering. I will prioritize community engagement, responsive leadership, and infrastructure improvements for a safer and thriving Sammamish.

Strengthen partnerships with first responders and community groups to foster security and vibrancy.

Install high-visibility crosswalks at bus stops, schools, and parks to increase pedestrian safety.

Ensure transparent communication on crime trends in Sammamish and neighboring areas.

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Youth Mental Health Access

To address the critical mental health challenges our youth face, I am committed to expanding access to vital services, support, and education.

Enhance unstructured activity options for youth to encourage well-being and positive outlets.

Increase investments in youth and mental health services to address their unique needs and challenges.

Strengthen partnerships with schools and law enforcement to educate on fentanyl dangers and accessing help.

Increasing Senior Services

In response to soaring demand for senior programming at Beaver Lake Lodge, I am committed to enhancing services for our senior community and expanding capacity.

Eliminate pre-registration and provide more accessible drop-in services to foster community engagement.

Extend operating hours and explore options for expanding venue capacity.

Develop a dedicated seniors’ space with increased staff and diverse programming.

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Setting clear goals and outcomes for our community will enable us to identify the roads, transit, sidewalks, stormwater facilities, and more to maintain our amazing community.

Complete Transportation Master Plan and build infrastructure to support high-priority transportation projects.

Continue identifying and authorizing safe routes to school and sidewalk gap projects.

Upgrade community athletic fields at Klahanie, Inglewood, and Beaver Lake.

Welcoming Community

In my commitment to fostering an inclusive and vibrant community, I aspire to shape a future that promotes equity and belonging for all.

Implement a community-wide Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) program to enhance city policies.

Expand year-round community events with improved event accessibility.

Create additional spaces for community events, organizations/non-profits, and small businesses to utilize.

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